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IIQLInternational Institute of Quran Learning is one of the leading online Quran teaching institutes in the world. Highly Qualified and Professional team of IIQL is offering Authentic and reliable Quran and Hadith courses since 2008. IIQL is dedicated to use latest technologies and tools of distance learning in providing best methodology of Quran Teaching to its students all over the world. All the courses of IIQL are designed by scholars after thorough research and considering the needs of today's world.
Establishing Dawah circles is an effort by IIQL to promote the Dawah cause among Muslims globally.
"YOU ARE indeed the best community that has ever been brought forth for [the good of] mankind: you enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and you believe in God. Now if the followers of earlier revelation had attained to [this kind of] faith, it would have been for their own good; [but only few] among them are believers, while most of them are iniquitous". [Holy Quran, Al Imran, Verse 110]
Online Event Managment is one of the core feature of IIQL, we have covered Hundereds of Events in past 7 years. Connected Scholars from different countries to the listeners from around the world. These were not only audio but Video lectures on both the ends i.e. both the listeners and scholars could see each other, making it more interactive. Our highly technical staff manages all the technicalities at the best of their skills.
At IIQL, we have managed a huge collection of videos on different topics, our online video library consists of videos on different topics by Scholars from around the world. And all this collection at a click of your mouse, yes all these videos are available online FREE of cost.

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  • "JazkAllah brother I would like to thank you and the Institute for this opportunity you have given me to learn Quranic Arabic I am glad I joined this Institute. You all are very co operative and kind. JazkAllah may Allah always bless you guys. "Dr. Beenish, Pakistan
  • "Best Online Educational Institute ever, authentic education at your doorstep, what else one can expect."Azra Mehmood - Uk
  • "I am doing a course 'Key to Jannah" from IIQL Allhamdulilah. When I heard first time its name 'Key to Jannah" it appealed me so much and very next moment I found myself registering for course. Teachers, Courses everything really helping me a lot to decorate a life of this dunya and definitely a life of hereafter. Allhamdulilah"Sister Sidra - Pakistan
  • "ALHAMDULILLAH, it was wonderful and awesome experience. May Allah us to lead our lives according to Islam, Ameen "Sister Umaima, Pakistan
  • "May ALLAH Bless Team IIQL for being supportive and helpful in educating people at their doorstep with Quran and Hadith."Taimore Mumtaz - France