Season 2 - The Season of Wisdom ??

An exclusive International Institute of Quran Learning Certification. Detailed and extensive Tafseer ul Quran program, along with useful supporting subjects taught by highly qualified teachers.
This certification will enable you to understand the meaning of Quran along with other useful subjects that will help you in better understanding of Quran and Hadith.
Online classes and evening time makes this course feasible for professionals and students as well. This course is your beginning to start learning Quran step by step. Season of Wisdom will be completed in four months and Surah Aal-e-Imraan and Surah Al-Nisaa will be completed along with other related subjects.


  • Tafseer- Mon & Wed @6:30PM-PK / 1:30PM-UK
  • Hadith- Thursday @6:30PM-PK / 1:30PM-UK


4 Months - ???? ????

FEE (Per Semester)

  • International
    • 100 GBP for Professionals
    • 70 GBP for Students and Sisters

  • Subcontinent
    • 10000 PKR for Professionals
    • 7000 PKR for Students and Sisters