Emotional Inteligence - 101 ‏‏

Are you aggressive? Demanding? Egotistical? Bossy?Confrontational? Easily distracted? Glib? Selfish? A poor listener? Impulsive? Resistant to change? Passive? Non Responsive? Slow? Stubborn? Critical? Picky? Fussy?Hard to please? Perfectionist? Stressed out?
Learn to be:
Assertive. Ambitious. Driving. Strong-willed. Decisive. Warm. Enthusiastic. Sociable. Charming. Persuasive. Patient. Stable. Predictable. Consistent. A good listener. Detailed. Careful. Meticulous. Systematic. Neat. Motivated
Recognize, manage and USE your emotions.

Dr. Kanwal Kaisser

Dr. Kanwal Kaisser is a Child Specialist by profession. She is a dynamic orator and appears on various TV channels as guest and panel member. She is currently affiliated with Al Huda International Welfare Foundation, as Director Hamaray Bachchay Department. She also conducts regular workshops and sessions at different universities. Her command over the subject matter, intertwining of religious and worldly knowledge, practical tips, and dynamic and easygoing style make her workshops a not-to-be-missed treat.


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